Woman with size LLL boobs wants bigger boobs for world record

A mother of six children has had 12 breast implants to achieve her size LLL boobs.  She now wants to break the world record and by reaching size MMM boobs she’s one step closer.

Lacey Wildd, also known as Paula Simonds is a 44 year-old model.  With her size LLL boobs, she has the seventh largest breasts in the world.

Wildd has had 12 breast implant surgeries so far.  She is currently planning her next surgery in 2013 that will get her that much closer to the world record.

Wildd’s breasts are so big that she had to have a surgery performed to have an internal bra built into her torso in order to support her giant knockers.  The internal bra is made of pigskin and her own muscles.  Now are big boobs really that important?

Some people who are not pleased with her size LLL boobs and actually embarrassed by them are her kids.  Wildd contends that she’s done all of this for her kids. “I started all this so I can give them a better life” Wildd said when she spoke to the Sun Sentinel.

“My boobs are my paycheck. Go big or go home is my motto” according to Wildd.  “If I have triple M implants it will take me into the top five big breasted models in the world. There is a top five and then everybody else is below that.” Wonder how long it took this genius to figure that one out.

In addition to no longer being able to exercise, her overly large boobs have made it impossible for her to pick up her youngest child, five year-old Jenaveve. However she thinks the bigger the boobs the better the lifestyle.  I’m sure little Jenaveve would rather have a mom who could pick her up and cuddle her.

“It will increase my fame and earning power considerably. I want to make the most of this opportunity, to give my kids a good lifestyle.”

Not only has Wildd had 12 breast enlargements, she’s also had tummy tucks, bottom implants and silicone lip implants. Adding another surgery to the list has her children worried about her. They are concerned that the next size implants will cause more health problems such as stretching, tearing or an infection that could be deadly.

Daughter Tori, 17 said, “I don’t want my mom to have her boobs made any bigger. I think she isn’t really thinking about our opinions. What if she dies? Is she taking that into consideration. Doesn’t she really care that her kids could be left alone?”

Lacey Wildd claims she is taking every precaution she can but nothing is going to stand in her way.  She will be upgrading her size LLL boobs to MMM in 2013.

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